SINCE 2000/3/29 counter

<2000年10月鳥取県西部地震前後のデータ Data of West Torrori earthquake 2000/10>

観測地:福岡市 VLF受信回路:オリジナル設計回路

アンテナ 13KHz:30cm□ループアンテナ 99KHz:フェライトコアを用いたバーアンテナ
FM:3element HB9CV These data were watched at Fukuoka-city in Kyushu-island. Its conditions are wrote the lower.

Watched condition
Frequency:13KHz,99KHz,FM radio wave(when necessary)
Used receiver:I designed and built circuits all. Used antenna 13KHz:30cm square loop antenna 99KHz:Bar antenna with ferrite core
Data on Sep.25 Data on Sep.26 Data on Sep.27 Data on Sep.28 Data on Sep.29 Data on Sep.30 Data on Oct.01 Data on Oct.02 Data on Oct.03 Data on Oct.04 Data on Oct.05 Data on Oct.06 Data on Oct.07 Data on Oct.08


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